Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is the greatest and best post in the world... Tribute.

I started a new blog!  My old blog kind of lost its way, so I've decided to go for a fresh start. 

I imagine Moth Baby will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of what Industrial Moths almost was...

Or maybe it won't and I'll also never post here.  Either way, add me to your readers!

Please note:  The blog titles are not related, but I'll explain later.

Please also note:  This is not The Greatest Post in the World, no.  This is just a tribute.  Actually, I did write a particularly witty post on my drive down to Massachusetts this past weekend, but I could never reconstruct such lyricism.

In other news:  I rediscovered some mix CDs I made in college, hence the Tenacious D reference.


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